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New Brunswick audio and video production services

Associates who have worked on some of the projects with us


Whenever a project demands more help and expertise we can call upon some good people who have the knowledge and experience to help make most any job run a lot smother. Most of these people have had years of experience in the production world.

Dave Stuart


Twenty six years of ENG/EFP experience shooting and editing for broadcast television with CTV and CBC. He spent his last 10 years at CTV Atlantic working as a shooter/editor in the Commercial Production department. He also has been making 3d animation since 1996. He has worked on 5 seasons of Gemini nominated "Frontiers

of Construction" and also 5 seasons of "Mega Builders" for Discovery Channel Canada. His work has been seen in over 50 countries around the world. Other highlights include Discovery Channel Canada specials like "After the Fall - The World Trade Center" and other specials for Explorations productions. His work has also appeared on W-Five, Turning Points of History and other nationally broadcast documentaries.

Cathi Saunders


Having just returned from many years abroad, Cathi is eager to reconnect with the many people she worked with during her years working in television in New Brunswick as well as add her experience as a video producer for a European airline​. Currently Cathi is working on CTV's Christmas Daddies yearly special.

Paul Arseneau


Upon obtaining a degree in broadcasting 30 years ago, Paul evolved to different positions such as offline editor, community TV program director, video journalist and documentary director.

As an independent director since 2003, over 30 documentaries have been broadcast in either Radio-Canada, RDI, TFO, TV5 Québec-Canada and TV5 Monde. Paul Arseneau works also in educational videos, testimonial videos, corporate videos, etc.

In 2016, he filmed, edited and directed two independent 50 min documentaries on arts and culture.

Brian Francis


Brian is a producer for APTN - the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. He has been working in this capacity since 2000. Brian has also produced for CBC and the National Film Board of Canada. It is a pleasure to come alongside Brian to produce programming for APTN and the other productions he is involved with to make people aware of the aboriginal people and communities around us.

Dan Britton


Audio Recording Specialist.

Dan has been in show business in one form or another since the age of 5 where he performed in his family's traveling puppet show. He received his certification as an audio engineer in Ontario. Upon returning to New Brunswick,  Dan started his own recording studio in Moncton, which he ran for 11 years, recording many musicians and audio for corporations, along with audio-post for television shows on CBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel and MuchMusic to name a few. Dan loves being a team player, so connecting up with other production professionals to form a full service production company makes sense to him.  TV, WEB  and  Digital Cinema Productions won't be the same with this passionate guy at the helm!

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