How Video Can Reduce Expenses and Improve ROI

Video solves problems. It seems too good to be true, but it is one of the best problem solvers there is.

What’s my proof? Everyone knows the top search engine in the world is Google. But do you know the second most used search engine? YouTube. And we’re not just talking about cat videos. When people want to know how to do something, one of the first places they turn is to video for a demonstration, because if a picture tells a thousand words, then video is 1,800,000 words per minute. That’s a pretty good rate of return on someone’s time.


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Video Production / Post Production Company Based in Moncton. We provide all aspects of the sound and pictures process.  From preproduction planning to producion to post-production, we have the expertise and reputation you need.  We are engaged in a diverse range of productions from web and corporate videos, to commercials, and full television series.


Whether your project is straightforward or a complex multi-faceted production requiring Green Screen, computer animation and 3D compositing, we want to hear from you! 

Panasonic DVX200

4K with HD Slow mo

We Use...

Davinci Resolve

for OnLine Editing and industry standard Colour Grading